Everything about her manner is unguarded and complicit. She is generous with sweet if wildly far-fetched compliments and her sentences are often completed with a gesture or expression, so that it feels as if her whole body is making conversation… 

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Carla Bruni is a former First Lady of France and a well-known former super model. She was born in Turin, Italia. She is a daughter of of Italian concert pianist Marisa Borini and industrialist and classical composer Alberto Bruni Tedeschi.

Carla entered the world of modeling just behind the first wave of supermodels—Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista.   At her height in the 90s, Carla Bruni was in the top tier of supermodels, with 250 magazine covers and millions of dollars in earnings. Her mother was her manager—“there to help,” says David Brown, who was her agent, “not to cash in.” Carla had a truly regal quality, and designers liked her because she was easy to work with. “She was full of life and wit. She was beyond polite,” says Karl Lagerfeld. “So many, like Linda and Christy, had periods of being moody and difficult. She was always perfect.” Designer Jean Paul Gaultier agrees: “She’s clever, super well educated, and much focused. She is like the heroine of a book or a movie.

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For more than twenty years, Carla Bruni has been known as the most beautiful woman in the world. Besides her career as a top super model in fashion, Carla Bruni used to a headline news for high-profile relationship with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump.

In 2008, she met France president Nicolas Sarkozy and the couple fell in love from the first sight.  “It was love at first sight. I must say, we left the dinner party together. People were like… (laughs) and we got married three months after” said Carla Bruni in an interview on a T.V show on CNBC.  Carla Bruni met Nicolas Sarkozy for the first blind date on November and became France’s First Lady when they got married three months after that. 

Regardless of rumors, Carla Bruni proved the rumors wrong by completing a mission as a First Lady of Elysee Palace and staying side by side next to her dearly husband Nicolas Sarkozy. She brought Sarkozy a great angel as a lifetime’s gift. Giulia, Sarkozy and Carla Bruni’s daughter was born two years ago.


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Apart from being beautiful, powerful, famous and rich, Carla Bruni has a sweet warm and unique voice.  Voila! Carla Bruni can sing. She released her first album “Quelqu’un M’a Dit” (in English, “Someone Told Me”) in 2002 followed by No Promises in 2007.If Ella Fitzgerald was known as the First Lady of Song, Carla Bruni is the singer- songwriter of a first ladies. Her songs are often very simple, slow but cute. Carla Bruni wrote a new song in 2013 call “Little French Song” and it became very popular in France after releasing. Well, if you have some small baguettes, some cheese and some rose wine on the lovely sunny weekend, Carla Bruni’s songs can be a very good complimentary.

Since becoming first lady, following her wedding to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008, the French-Italian model, who has several nude photographs, has turned herself into the embodiment of a refined and elegant first lady in the mold of Jackie Kennedy. She preferred modest suits and sheath dresses, mostly from Dior, for daytime. In fact, critics applauded her when she chose to wear Dior to her first visit to the UK as first lady. By choosing to wear a French label designed then by the Brit John Galliano, her fashion choice couldn’t have been more politically and sartorially correct. And she looked the part of a style icon too.  For formal evening state functions, she wore long, lean gowns that were cut to perfection, often unadorned and very understated. Why would she go for glitzy beadwork and all sorts of accessories when she has the carriage and svelte body of a model? Her fashion choices were about cut, silhouette, and proportions


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Unlike her American counterpart Michelle Obama, Bruni preferred colors that were neutral, if slightly somber

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In my opinion, Carla Bruni brought a great impression as a First Lady in French soil.  Her talents, her taste of fashion, her background are a good combination that created a very unique Carla Bruni. She’s kinda cool First Lady.



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