PR BUZZ – A Daring Step from Palestine

You can count, literally, the number of female entrepreneurs in Middle East… You can.

It is not easy at all to become an entrepreneur or break through certain industries or even to be a part of them. Perhaps that’s why there are a few rebels who are challenged to break through and achieve their dreams. 

BOLD KNOT is a company that was established by Lama Mansour, a Palestine business development consultant and her co-founder, Ismat Tuffaha.They met at university and started work on one startup but found it too difficult to grow the business there because of border restrictions where they lived. Bold Knot is their second attempt at a startup.

 Until now, it is not easy to be a woman entrepreneur in general due to many factors such as political context, the lack of infrastructure and border restrictions. The number of women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and Palestine is relatively low, with the majority of women-owned businesses operating in the informal sector and mainly in rural areas. Facing challenges such as cultural constraints and a lack of access to training and financial services, these women struggle to participate in the formal economy.

The Bold Knot is a neatly designed top-up battery pack and it aims to prevent smartphone users from running out of battery towards the end of the day. Plug it in and your beloved handset will get a fuel injection (equivalent to three hours!!!

Economic conditions for Palestinians entrepreneurs remain hugely challenging.

A World Bank report published this week warned that the economy of the Gaza Strip, the other Palestinian territory, is on the verge of collapse, with unemployment set to reach a staggering 44 per cent, following last year’s 50-day conflict with Israel.

“It is very restricted because of the occupation so it is difficult to import any necessary components from outside the country.”

The more challenge it is, the more daring people will become and brings more chaos BUT it is also important to remember to make the society better and richer by being innovative. Here, gender discrimination should not disturb the society and country.

No matter what, entrepreneurship and social situations can be inter-related.

-by Grace Cho


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