[TOPW 6] What did we learn from Blogs

Blog writing is very different from academic writing. It does not require formats and rules to writing. Some may say that blog writing is merely creativity and some may say that it’s a mixture of creativity and facts. Blog writing in actual fact can be anything the blogger wants it to be.

As for our blog, it is a mixture of opinions, facts and creativity. What I have learned from blog writing is doing proper research. Research is really important when one wants to put up information in any forms of media. It is very important that the information up is ready for viewing and contains actual facts. One would not want to put up information that confuses people or sends the wrong message to people. Thus, doing proper primary and secondary research is vital in blog writing. I have learned the proper methods of research.

Following research, I have learned a lot from doing research and blog writing in terms of knowledge. I am a lot more knowledgeable now and I do feel that the information that I know now is more in-depth and current. I am aware of the happenings around the world in terms of facts and politics. The knowledge that I have gotten definitely is informative and has made me a more informative person.

One of the most amazing benefits that I’ve gained from blog writing would be a tremendous improvement in my writing skills. No one wants information up his or her blog that’s poor in terms of grammar and sentence structure. Thus writing from writing this blog I have improved my writing skills. From research and lots of reading I now know the basics of writing which is all anyone needs to be a blog writer. Blog writing needs to be simple in terms of language as the target audience may not necessarily be good in English. Also with this, I have learned the skills to deliver a message in an effective method – not being too long-winded and more precise.

Writing for this blog also cleared this clutter from my mind. I got to somewhat express myself. This blog writing has really helped me a lot. I feel a lot wiser and knowledgeable now. I notice the increase of knowledge and growth in myself. I would definitely recommend blog writing to everyone. It is not only interesting but helps you to grow as a person and an individual.

-but Cindy Do


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