TOPW 6A: Podcasts for PR People

Allie Osmar of The Creative Career does us a solid in her podcast interview on how to network effectively at events, with Sandy Jones-Kaminsky, author and blogger of I’m at a Networking Event – Now What??? A Guide To Getting The Most of Any Networking Event, and, respectively.

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In this interview, Sandy highlights certain points that can help people recognize and execute behavior that is effective in networking, while being aware of ineffective behavior that can alienate people. Crucial points include:

  • “The Nametag Scan” describes self-serving behavior such as allowing your attention to be drawn away from a conversation at hand by someone wearing a nametag from a prestigious company who you think can offer better opportunities. This is rude behavior that can alienate the person you are talking to and possibly others.
  • DO NOT push your personal success pitch unto other people. Many people tend to get overexcited and end up talking their way through a conversation, which is awkward for others.
  • DO attend events, intent on offering other people help with whatever social capital you might have.
  • DO find the host, thank them and introduce yourself. Chances are, they will introduce you to someone who you can talk to.
  • DO smile, introduce yourself and and include other people into conversations.
  • DO refer people you know to other people who might need help with certain work.
  • DO follow up. The follow up is as important as first impressions.

Yikes, where do we even begin?

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PR podcasts such as this one can be very beneficial to PR students as well as PR practitioners, regardless of experience. These podcasts not only offer relatable advice about skills that may be required at work, oftentimes these skills are applicable to life in general and can increase the quality of daily life activities. In this podcast with Sandy for instance, the points she brings up don’t just apply to people who are new at networking events, but they are advice for people to be better listeners and communicators in general.

Listening to podcasts can greatly increase awareness about the skills that are required to be a successful PR person, especially for those who are new. There are so many aspects of PR that require honing of specific skills, and can be daunting to practitioners who are inexperienced. Expertise and advice are often shared on very specific topics during podcast interviews, with the goal of educating people about what they might face as PR people, or even helping them solve certain problems. PR happens to be a muscle, the more you work at it the better you can get, but of course not without trial and error. Experience is necessary for quick thinking and eventual success, and podcasts may just very well be a stepping stone towards that goal.

-By Sandra Woo


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