Iyesha is a final year mass communication university student with a strong interest in photography. She frequently travels around Asia with other photographers to gain more knowledge on other cultures, as well as to sharpen her photography skills.

Iyesha has lived overseas for seven years of her life and has become accustomed to frequently meeting new people and other cultures. However, she feels that there is no place like home and plans to live in Kuala Lumpur in the long run.




Grace (Korean:HeeWon) Cho is the Creative Producer & Host at durianasean.com, an online radio station in Malaysia. She is South Korean by nationality but has lived overseas most of the life.

After her studies at ICOM in music performance, she moved on to Media Studies, Mass Communication in Help University. The time spent living abroad and interests in different cultures; Korea, Sri Lanka and Malaysia has opened up new opportunities and made her open to meeting new people, learning new cultures and adapting to different environments.

Grace has worked with numerous musicians over the years and is currently in a band called FAZZ – a musical pop band which she co-founded. The band writes and produces their own music, and has been performing regularly in both local and international music scenes.

Grace has a strong flair in music, she plays both traditional and contemporary musical instruments. She has taken her performance journey to another step, combining classical elements in pop.

Over the years, she has become a budding entrepreneur in her own right. Her life motto is “Keep exploring and never stop learning!”



Sandra Woo is a student, model and aspiring writer. She writes on nice clothes and good food, and occasionally reviews yoga pants.



Adlin fazlinda Bt Mohd Farid may look intermediating but has a shy personality that loves sports especially polo. She holds the youngest female polo player back in 2005. Currently pursuing her final year of mass communication in in Help University and is interested in corporate event management and broadcasting. She feels that there’s more room for improvement the industry.



Cindy Do is a freelancer researcher. She was born in Vietnam but grown up oversea. Cindy has completed her bachelor degree in Mass Communication in Help University (Malaysia) and soon will start her master degree in Portland State University (USA) in winter 2016.

Cindy has a great interest in her field & planning to own a PR agency of her own. She enjoys writing blog because it’s one of her hobbies. “I hope people will find my blog fun to read & sharing knowledge & experiences” said Cindy


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